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"Best fireworks ever! Happy Birthday Hopkinton!


"Congratulations and thank you to the committee. One of the best fireworks displays I have ever seen and so enjoyed. You did a great job!




"It was amazing!!"


"Great night!"


"The weekend was INCREDIBLE! Thank you to Jean and the committee. I love living in Hopkinton and this weekend gave me so many more reasons why!! Your hard work is so appreciated!"


"Best fireworks show I've ever seen!!!"


"Best fireworks ever!! We were all ecstatic with joy! Happy 300th Birthday Hopkinton!!"


"The whole weekend was fantastic. Thank you to all who had a hand in it!"


" Wonderful! As a boy,, we lived at 79 Ash Street, from Feb. 62 to July 65! It was a formative time and era, so much has changed, but kudos to Hopkinton for remaining so classy and warm in its own right. CONGRATULATIONS!"


"Outstanding evening. Thank you to all who planned and volunteered!"


" What a spectacular celebration we had. Thank you one and all!











Fountain! +  Fireworks! + Parade! =
Successful Celebration

A Message from the Hopkinton 300th Anniversary Celebation Committee


Thank you Hopkinton for a wonderful celebration!   We'd like to share some of the feedback from the

Hopkinton 300th Annivesary Facebook Page after our annivesary celebration weekeknd and to express our gratitude

to all who were a part of the best 300th celebration ever!   

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