Richard Brault's unit with their 75mm pack howitzers.u.

Hopkinton veterans who served on Okinawa

Known as Operation Iceberg, the Battle of Okinawa began on 1 April 1945, Easter Sunday and lasted for a total of 82 days, officially ending on 22 June 1945.


With a total of 183,000 troops, the Okinawa invasion force was the largest single army under one command ever assembled during the war in the Pacific. U.S. land forces consisted of five divisions of the Tenth Army (7th, 27th, 77th, 81st, 96th), and two Marine divisions (1st and 6th), all commanded by Army Lieutenant-General Simon B. Buckner, Jr.


Through the research and dedication of one Hopkinton resident determined to honor those who have served their country, a total of 22 men with ties to the town of Hopkinton, Massachusetts have been identified as having served on Okinawa.  From those who were born and/or raised in Hopkinton, to those who moved to Hopkinton after the war and to others who were just passing through, we now present the stories of those 22 men, three of whom are alive and living in Hopkinton today.


Today's Hopkinton residents are proud of the contributions and sacrifices of all its military veterans.  This website was created to  remember those who served on Okinawa and puts into context the anniversary of L-Day (the code was Love Day) on Easter Sunday in 1945.


Read, remember, be thankful.